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Breeze Sup Wear - Alexandra

Many people forget that being successful on the water starts very much off-the-water; in our own homes, in our own minds and bodies.
I am no SUP athlete (sadly), but through my experience, whether it be surf, another sport, or simply just living your best, most happy, healthy, fulfilling life, it all starts from within - and i’m sure my fellow Breeze ambassadors who are themselves SUP athletes can tell you that improving their performance on the water is down to much more than the just the wind on that day, or their own luck.

The Hippy Chickpea was created in October 2017 on Instagram, as a creative outlet to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and my own journey as I aim to live one that is happy, fulfilling and sustainable.
With the blog firstly being focused on plant-based nutrition and easy vegan recipes, The Hippy Chickpea has evolved as I have as a person, not only onto other social media platforms but in sharing other important aspects of health and wellbeing. Through my own struggles with my health, I have realised the importance of not only what we fuel our bodies with and our physical wellbeing, but how mental health, mindfulness and rest are equally vital for our performance, both in sport and other areas of life - and how so often these aspects are neglected from many health, fitness and lifestyle blogs.

Alongside this, on The Hippy Chickpea you can find posts on travel, the best vegan foodie spots, words on motivation, positivity, and self-love, writing and poetry, tips on how to be more environmentally friendly, artwork… the list goes on!

I hope that by sharing my journey I can inspire others to also make changes to their life, no matter how small they might seem. We all have the power in our hands to transform our lives, to live as the best version of ourselves and to make a positive impact on the world around us - and through The Hippy Chickpea, I want to create a real, genuine platform - content that people can connect and relate to. I hope to create a space away from the perfectly posed and edited side of the internet where many people, young and old, are sucked into unrealistic ideals of life and expectations, and are where their health, body image, aspirations and ideals can be clouded by a false sense of reality. ‘Healthy living’ is something that each person defines in a different way, and is something that should always be individualized - but there are areas that relate to every person, and can help build a strong foundation to living your best life. Through The Hippy Chickpea I hope to share how you can do this, and how health - no matter what your definition of the word is - is so much more than the physical, and the images that we see in this world.

Breeze Sup Wear - Alexandra

I’m so excited to be an ambassador for a company that aligns so strongly with my own morals and the message I try to spread, and how brand promotes ethical, eco-friendly products. Breeze has already started to create such a strong sense of community, not only through supporting small business, students, athletes, influencers and bloggers (like me!) and through creating such a diverse team, it really showcases how SUP is something that can positively influence so many aspects of life, and how no matter how small or insignificant your project or hidden passion might be, everyone starts somewhere. By taking risks, by following your dream, stepping outside of your comfort zone or what is viewed as ‘normal’ or conventional, amazing things can happen.So I’m not only excited to be a brand ambassador, but I’m even more excited to watch Breeze as it grows and evolves into something even greater than it is now - and honored that I’ll be able to say I was part of it from the beginning. And by supporting breeze and their products - you can become part of this incredible community too!!


Oceans of love, (and i’ll stop rambling now,)


Alexandra Murray-Reynolds


Breeze Sup Wear - Hippychickpea
Breeze Sup Wear - Hippychickpea


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