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Stand Up Paddle Boarding has evolved in to the fastest growing water sport and the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants and here at Breeze Sup Wear Co we realized that the sport needed a clothing line that complimented the sports lifestyle, its technical requirements and it's ethos.

We (Adrian and Matt) have been best friends since we met in Scotland back in 2006 and are quite often out on the water together, in 2017 on one of our summer paddles in St.Andrews Matt raised the idea of starting a SUP clothing company.

The more we spoke about the idea the more we realised that there was not a brand out there that we had heard of that concentrated on eco friendly SUP specific clothing and so we thought we were on to something. Adrian had dabbled in clothing design in the past and Matt had the expertise about the demands of the sport so we decided that we would be brave and create Breeze Sup Wear Co.


We carried on talking about the idea and it dawned on us that the clothing definitely had to be eco friendly,  our target audience would have a love for the surf, rivers, lakes and lochs and therefore would have a passion and responsibility to help keep our waters clean of plastic and contribute to the protection of our environment. We started off thinking that if breeze could provide clothing that was not only fit for the demands of the sport but played a part in helping to promote eco friendly products then we were doing our small bit in this world - plus if it helped to fund an annual surf trip then that was a bonus ;)

At Breeze our ethos is simple, we aim to produce premium eco-friendly clothing using materials that will live up to the demands of the sport and its lifestyle. We love the ocean,the natural world and helping out charitable causes too, this is why our T-shirts and sweaters are ethically sourced and made from organic cottons or bamboo our hats are made from 100% charity shop sourced yarn and our leggings and shorts are produced from 85% recycled plastic bottles.

At Breeze we believe in being approachable and working as much as possible with young/new talent, small businesses, start ups and family run businesses. We openly invite people to get in touch with us if they would like to work with us, introduce us to new materials, inform us of a new more eco-friendly product or just to say hello...

You can get us at


Do you know of a new eco-friendly material?

Have you stumbled across a need for a SUP based product that doesn't already exist?

Have you just invented a brand new ocean cleaning machine in your shed?

If so, we want to hear from you!


Although we take great care in sourcing the most eco-friendly products that we can there is always room for improvement, if you know of a way that we can do things better or more eco then please let us know.


Who knows, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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