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The Water truly is my life.... I have dedicated the last 17 years of my life to becoming a water sports professional. It has taken me to either teach or play on Surfboards of some contraption or other onto every continent on the Planet. I have met some of the most incredible, clever and unique people all the way.


Starting a clothing brand based on the board sports scene I treasure so dearly has been incredible, sharing aesthetics, environmental ideas and challenges with likeminded individuals along the way.


I feel like 2 things more than any other have helped shaped me, Skateboarding and Travel.


Skateboarding gave me an alternative take on culture, a DIY attitude to get amongst it and make things happen rather waiting for others. It also gave me an artistic view on the world around me and the unlimited opportunities to unleash my unique pallet on the World around me, be that on that Curb, that wave or that business opportunity.

Travelling gave me confidence to be me... The opportunity to take in and listen to others, the ability to enjoy soaking in views, ideas and foods from people and cultures I may know little about. I am truly thankful for the feelings, humbleness and excitement that travelling gives me.


This hopefully, slightly enlightened World view along with the huge pallet to put my own take on opportunities and activities that Skateboarding has taught me has helped me along my long and varied water sports career. Being involved in Breeze is a truly exciting part of my life, combining the art and excitement of my beloved Board Sports with the environmental and World responsibility that travelling has bestowed upon me.

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