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Hello fellow humans! Welcome to my page. I am Shannon, I’m 21 and I am extremely passionate about nature and our environment. Just like my fellow Breeze ambassador Alexandra, I am also not a SUP athlete, sadly. But I love to SUP recreationally when I get the chance. I am a very active person and I come up with any excuse just to be outside! I love being in nature whether that’s just walking, SUP-ing , or even a little yoga by the river. I love being in and about nature and feeling at one with it, which we all are! As well as loving trees and plants and stuff, I am also a lover of food – cooking and eating it! The diet I have recently taken up - and fallen in love with - is veganism. That’s right, I’m vegan and I do yoga (I’m such a cliché, I know)! It just felt right for me! My whole life I have been an animal lover and as I have grown and flourished I have opened my eyes to the way we humans treat our fellow mortals and the planet and I have come to realise I don’t want to hurt Mother Nature or any of her children anymore. I am a very emotional but in-tune individual, I truly believe that as humans, we have a responsibility and the power to take care of this beautiful planet and all that inhabit. 

Too long has our species taken advantage and disrespected nature. I think it’s time we go back to our roots back to nature and fully appreciate this wonderful world that we have. On a grand scale our lives are short yes, but our legacy doesn’t have to be. I believe we need to all join this movement to clean up and take care of our planet so generations after us can live even longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives than those that came before. As people we have the power to make a change by standing up for what we believe in, inspiring those that surround our lives young and old and being the change we want to see the in world. Here’s a little bit about how I have come to be part of Breeze and why you are reading this now. I have known the founders of Breeze, Adrian & Matt, for three years now. We first connected over similar interests such as music, culture and the particular style we seemed to all share. I became friends with them fast and by going out surfing and SUP-ing or going to our local pub I got to know them very well and came to realise, despite my age and how new I was to the social circle, we got on very well and had a handful of the same interests and passions. When the two created Breeze and told me all about their vision for sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing, I was more than excited for them and very keen to get on BOARD! (Get it “board” haha) And now I have been given the chance. 


Adrian and Matt have been so kind to choose me as their new blogger for Eco Friendly Living & Environmental News. I have never blogged before, but I am extremely passionate about what I will be blogging about so I will try my best to ensure my content will be an interesting and inspiring read for you all. I think that the ethos here at Breeze is truly the future of fashion. It is so important to know where things come from. Just like the food we eat, the clothes we wear must be good for us too. As people who care, we have to do everything we can to ensure we are not harming ourselves, our loved ones or our planet with the things we need in our lives. This includes our clothing, food, personal hygiene and choices that we make daily.

As you can see I have a lot to talk about, I better get started! I can only hope my blog will encourage more of you lovely people to encourage more people and get the word out to start changing for the better and to be the change you want to see in the world!


Happy reading y’all!!


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